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Increasing Temprature Discussion

Hey guys today i  heard the news that this year earth temp got increases by  0.69 C…  This thing is reported by environment research  organization of America… We can feel that too,Lot of heat outside and still the month of june to come . Earth is becoming red day by day and we need to cool it as soon as possible. So guys list all the measures we should take to cool our Earth in comments and please do not repeat the same. Take a look at this horrible pic too-

That's Horrible

This is a satellite image of Western Greenland, acquired by NASA‘s MODIS satellite. The narrow grey band in the center of the image is melting ice, between the rocky coast to the left (west) and thicker, non-melting, higher altitude ice to the right (east). Small lakes form in this region during the summer. Arrow points to darker grey zone of rapidly thinning ice near the outlet of Jacobshavn glacier, which also loses mass due to iceberg calving. (Credit: Courtesy of NASA)


Media coverage

Today in the punjabi tribune newspaper , i saw a news column  about the event that took place. that’s so cool.  Below is the snapshot of the news column- 

Also there is a news about us in the online  hindi tribune. Snapshot-

Link to this Clipping is

And below another pic of our team :-

Geocool Members



ENVIROTHON took place today and it was a huge success.Here’s the story of our success –

15th May – the day we all were waiting for and it finally came… We all were in high spirits in the morning,All gathered at one place ,re-check our all preparations and then went to the school where event took place.  We start the event by holding a meet of student of the school in th hall and told them about the Geocool club,its motives and objectives. Then we told them about various methods that should be adopted to save our planet like cycling,rain water collection,plant a tree etc. To our surprise students out there responded so well that we came to know very soon that its worth to plan such a event with that kind of students.

Then we organized a Painting competition for students who was interested in showing their creativity about how they can save the earth. For those who didn’t paint , we organized a environment Quiz for them. Goodies for people too who answered our questions correctly and prizes for the winners. Next comes the most important tree plantation part. We planted tree within the school ground with the help of school administration. They helped us a lot in getting our job done successfully. Thanx to them for that. At the end principal thanked our club and also invited us to come back and see the progress of the saplings we planted there. Students over there promised us that they would take care of the saplings and would water then regularly. It was totally a new experience and hope in future more opportunities will be there for us to save the earth. After all we went to ccd and gokul restaurant to celebrate our success. Thanx to all the members and school administration and students for making this event a gr8 success.

We will upload the photos soon so that you can also view the happenings that took place there.

Our First Event

ENVIROTHON is the name of our first event which is going to take place on 15th may,2010

We are proud to declare that we are organizing our first event. Your support needed guys. Visit the event tab for more Details.


Green House Effect

Major cause of the Global warming is Green house Effect. If u wanna fight against anything then u must know about the thing first. Here’s a small Attempt to know about “GREEN HOUSE EFFECT”

Our earth receives most of the energy from the sun called as radiation. This energy is electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum with small amount of IR (infra-red) and UV (ultra-violet) radiations. the incoming solar energy has a very short wavelength and passes through the earth’s atmospheric gases unaffected to reach the earth’s surface. The Earth’s surface absorb the solar energy and releases it back to the atmosphere as IR, some of which goes back into space. Some of the IR radiations emitted by the earth is absorbed by the gases in the atmosphere that re-emits the energy back as heat to the earth’s surface . The major gases in the atmosphere that contributes in green house effect are Carbon dioxide,Methane and Water. These gases absorbs the IR rays and re-emit them on the surface of the earth in the form of heat know as “Green house Effect”.

It results in melting of ice at a very fast rate. With increasing carbon-dioxide emissions from humans, Green House Effect has become drastically exaggerated. Wanna Prove of this?????? Take a Look at the pic below-

Why We human's Are So Mean?????

Stats shows that only United States is responsible for about 25% of the increasing Green House Effect emissions. Wanna Add something in it????? You can do that in comments. Hope this information is useful for u guys

An initiative to save the earth


Whenever we think about the Environment out first imagination is about the nature beauties- Mountains,Deserts,Glaciers,Forests,Trees,Flowers  and many more but as we go deeper into the a Scary word struck  our head “Global Warming”  and then we began to think about the worst things and questions ourself- Everything we are able to see today will be  there in future or not??

Global Warming is one of the Major Issue in today’s world. So before going further we must know about what is Global warming and what are the causes of it???

Causes Of Global warming ( contents taken from National Geographic)