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Increasing Temprature Discussion

Hey guys today i  heard the news that this year earth temp got increases by  0.69 C…  This thing is reported by environment research  organization of America… We can feel that too,Lot of heat outside and still the month of june to come . Earth is becoming red day by day and we need to cool it as soon as possible. So guys list all the measures we should take to cool our Earth in comments and please do not repeat the same. Take a look at this horrible pic too-

That's Horrible

This is a satellite image of Western Greenland, acquired by NASA‘s MODIS satellite. The narrow grey band in the center of the image is melting ice, between the rocky coast to the left (west) and thicker, non-melting, higher altitude ice to the right (east). Small lakes form in this region during the summer. Arrow points to darker grey zone of rapidly thinning ice near the outlet of Jacobshavn glacier, which also loses mass due to iceberg calving. (Credit: Courtesy of NASA)