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Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

After 45 days ,Oil Spill continues to take place in the Gulf of Mexico. It happened when thick oil pipe got busted at the bottom of the Ocean leading to the destruction of well and as a result OIL SPILL and it is going at a very rapid rate.
Take a look at the photo below-

What a disaster!!!!!!!!


Take a look at this oil sheen-


Till now we have lost  21864090 gallons of the oil and all that lost oil has created a oil shell over the sea. I decided to publish a post on this because this is one of the way through which we pollutes our nature (although its by human error but destruction is destruction,it occurs). Share your thoughts about this members as it’s one of the greatest oil spill case and sources said that govt still needs one month more to make a recovery well. So you can think of how much we loose till that 😦

Today i got these pics- Terrible 😦

Surviving in the oil 😦

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