ENVIROTHON is a cleanliness + Awareness Campaign organised by NGO GEOCOOL which will be taking place in Rock Garden on 5th Feb, 2011.
So anyone who is concerned for the environment is invited to join this event.

This is to inform that whosoever is interested to join this campaign should register themselves by sending their Name and contact number on the following email address :- ngo.geocool@gmail.com…. Volunteers would be given certificates by the NGO






JUNKYARD WARS (24.12.2010)

Another event by GeoCool i.e., Junkyard Wars (Best out of waste) was organized in CHITKARA UNIVERSITY, Barotiwala. In this event students had to make something useful out of the waste material which we throw away most of the time. It was a successful event. Here is a glimpse of the event…


Event In Progress

Now Geocool=NGO

NGO-Added to the Geocool's Logo

We are happy to tell you that now Geocool comes under the category of NGO (Non-Government  Organisation) under the Socities Registration Act,  (XX) of 1860 ) and amended by Punjab Amendment Act, 957. Our Registration is  under the jurisdiction of  Mohali District (Punjab) done on August 30. So we are now Planning Big Events in our future. If you wish to contribute in our efforts of saving the environment you can contact us to our official email address ngo.geocool@gmail.com
We are also happy to tell you guys that we had planted/distributed over 100 plants and counting is still going on 🙂

Events,Events And Events

28th Aug,2010
A Well Planned and a successful Geocool Event took place today (28th Aug,2010) at Govt school daffarpur near ramgarh… It was awesome and very organised.. Had a good interative session with the children..And gave water to the trees planted bY GeoCoolians……!! AN Awesome attempt by all GeoCoolianz……
We Rock gUys……..!! GeOcOOl Rocks……Dont Be mean Go GReeN…..!! :))
Here’s a little glimpse of todays event-

Plantation under process

Children showing their creativity on "How can we protect our Environment"

WE ARE GLAD TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH OUR READERS THAT WE HAD PLANTED 69 TREES SO FAR.Cheers to that!!! And Guess What?? In Our Next Event You All are Invited to plant a tree. Geocool is going to distribute the free saplings on the venue and individuals interested can take them from us and can plant them in their homes or neighbors. All We want is to let you know How Much you feel Good when you do a good deed to the environment. So be at the venue to collect your sapling.
Venue-Sector 20 Park,Panchkula
Date– 30th August,2010
Time– 5 AM onwards
Don’t Be Mean,Go Green by planting a tree in your life

Recent Event

7th August 2010
Cleanliness is next to holiness and in order to bring this holiness, we must have that responsibility. As its rightly said that in order to serve GOD, we should serve humanity. The surroundings we live in are clean but there are many areas which have worst conditions. So GeoCool organized a cleanliness drive on 07-08-2010 in one of the similar areas is near Sec 21 Pkl i.e., Azaad Colony which is a slum area. It started at around 7 30am in the morning. Things like brooms, bags (to collect garbage), etc. were carried by us. The area was literally not in a good condition. We started with the cleanliness process. There was a water passage which was almost blacked by the garbage. We cleaned as much of the area as it was possible for us. We even talked to the people living there and spread awareness regarding cleanliness i.e., they should maintain the area in which they are living in so as people dont fall ill because of the unhealthy surroundings. It was a great event and one of the SEVA PROJECTS of GeoCool. We hope it turns to be helpful for the community.

Geocool Club

Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill

After 45 days ,Oil Spill continues to take place in the Gulf of Mexico. It happened when thick oil pipe got busted at the bottom of the Ocean leading to the destruction of well and as a result OIL SPILL and it is going at a very rapid rate.
Take a look at the photo below-

What a disaster!!!!!!!!


Take a look at this oil sheen-


Till now we have lost  21864090 gallons of the oil and all that lost oil has created a oil shell over the sea. I decided to publish a post on this because this is one of the way through which we pollutes our nature (although its by human error but destruction is destruction,it occurs). Share your thoughts about this members as it’s one of the greatest oil spill case and sources said that govt still needs one month more to make a recovery well. So you can think of how much we loose till that 😦

Today i got these pics- Terrible 😦

Surviving in the oil 😦

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Increasing Temprature Discussion

Hey guys today i  heard the news that this year earth temp got increases by  0.69 C…  This thing is reported by environment research  organization of America… We can feel that too,Lot of heat outside and still the month of june to come . Earth is becoming red day by day and we need to cool it as soon as possible. So guys list all the measures we should take to cool our Earth in comments and please do not repeat the same. Take a look at this horrible pic too-

That's Horrible

This is a satellite image of Western Greenland, acquired by NASA‘s MODIS satellite. The narrow grey band in the center of the image is melting ice, between the rocky coast to the left (west) and thicker, non-melting, higher altitude ice to the right (east). Small lakes form in this region during the summer. Arrow points to darker grey zone of rapidly thinning ice near the outlet of Jacobshavn glacier, which also loses mass due to iceberg calving. (Credit: Courtesy of NASA)